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    Dear friends,
    Now we commence with the translation of the First Anuvaakaa (section) of Namakam, called so as each sloka ends with Namah.
    Please read on,



    OM Namo Bhagavathe Rudraya

    Om Salutations to the God who is Rudhra.

    First Anuvaaka

    Namasthe Rudhra manyava Uthotha Ishave Nama

    Namsthosthu Dhanvane Bahubyam Uthathe Nama.

    Salutations to your Ire, Rudhra and also salutations to your arrow..

    Salutations to your bow and also to your both arms.

    Yatha ishu siva thamaa shivam babuva the dhanu,

    Shivaa sharavyaa yaa thava thaya no rudhra mrudaya. 1.2

    Bless us with happiness our Lord,

    With that arrow of thine, which is holy,

    With that bow of thine, which is begetter of good,

    With that quiver of thine, which is sweet.

    Yaa the shivaa thanu raghoraa papakasini,

    Thaya nasthanuva shantha maya gireesam thaabhi chakashihi. 1.3

    Oh Rudra, who showers happiness on us from the Mount,

    With your aspect which is peaceful,

    Which is giver of good always,

    And that, which is bereft of sin,

    And which is the road to salvation,

    And which takes us to taller heights,

    Reveal to us the principle of the soul.

    Yaa mishum giri shantha hasthe Bhibarshya sthave,

    Shivaam girithra thaam kuru maa himsi purusham jagat. 1.4

    Oh Rudra who feeds us sweetness sitting on the mount,

    And who gives us solace sitting on the mount,

    Please make the arrow in your hand,

    Which you have brought to punish the sinners,

    Peaceful and do not give trouble to people and the world.

    Shivena vachasaa twaa gireesaacchha vadaamasi,

    Yadhaa na sarva mi jjagadhaa yashmamsumanaa asath. 1.5

    We praise and sing about you so that we attain you,

    Oh, God who lives on the top of the mountains,

    Be pleased to protect our relations and cows,

    Grant them all, a disease free life,

    And make them live with love towards each other,

    Adhyavoo chadhadhi vakthaa pradhamo daiwyo bhishak,

    Ahimscha sarvaan jambayanth sarvaschaa yathu dhaanya. 1.6

    He who is first among everything,

    He who is Godliness in Gods,

    He who is the doctor curing the sins,

    He who praises good deeds of devotees,

    Forgetting the ills done by them,

    May he kill all animals and asuras that trouble us,

    And bless us all.

    Aasau yasthamro aruna utha bhaabroo sumangala,

    Yeh chemam rudra abhitho dikshu,

    Sritha Sahastraso avaishaam heda eemahe.

    He is red in colour,

    He is more red in colour,

    He is golden,

    He gives rise to good things,

    He is the Rudhra, who is the sun,

    And so we bow before the thousands of Rudhras,

    Who are spread in all directions,

    And request them to cool themselves down.

    Asou yo avasarpathi neela greevo vilohitha,

    Uthainam gopaa adrusannath drushan udhaharya,

    Uthainam viswaa bhoothani sa drushto mrudayathi na. 1,8

    He who has the blue neck,

    Is the one who rises as the copper colured sun.

    Even lowly cowherds see this Rudhra who comes as sun,

    Even the maids who carry water from rivers see him thus,

    And even all the animals of the world see him thus.

    Let this Rudra who is seen in the form of sun,

    Grant us all happiness.

    Namo asthu neela greevaya sahasrakshaya meedushe,

    Adho ye asya sathvannoham thebhyo karannama. 1.9

    Let my salutation go,

    To the God who has a blue neck,

    To the God who has thousands of eyes,

    To the God who grants us all boons,

    And also my salutations,

    To his devotees who are his servants.

    Pramuncha dhanvana sthava mubhayo rarthaniyorjyam,

    Yascha the hastha ishawa paraa thaa bhagavo vapa. 1.10

    Please untie the string connecting the ends of your bow, Oh God

    Please put away arrows in your hand in thine quiver.

    Avathasys dhanusthvam sahasraksha sathe shudhe,

    Niseerya salyanaam mukha shivo na sumana bhava. 1.11

    Oh God with thousand eyes,

    Oh God with hundreds of bows,

    Please break the sharp ends of arrows thine,

    Please slacken the string of your bow,

    And become God who does us good,

    And God who has a calm mind.

    Vijyam dhanu kapardhino visalyo bhanavaam utha,

    Anesannasyeshwa aabhurasya nishamgadhi. 1.12

    Oh God with the mane of hair,

    Let your bow loosen its string,

    Let your quiver become empty,

    Let your arrows loose the power to hurt,

    Let your sword be always in your scabbard.

    Yaa the hethir meedushtama hasthe bhabhoova the dhanu,

    Thayaa asman viswathasthava mayakshamya paribbuja.. 1.13

    He who is greatest among those who fulfill wishes of devotees,

    With those weapons that you have and the bow in your hand.

    Which do not cause infirmity to any one,

    Please do save us from all troubles always.

    Namasthe asthvayudhaa yanaathathathaya dhrushnave,

    Ubhabhyamutha the namo bahubhyam thava dhanvane. 1.14

    My salutations to thine strong weapons which are about to strike,

    My salutations to your both hands and bow,

    Pari the dhanvano hethi rasmaan vrunakthu viswatha,

    Adho ya ishudhisthavare asmannidhehi tham. 1.15

    Let your arrows pass away from us, oh Lord,

    And let your quiver be kept for our enemies,

    Who are like our sins.

    ...........tO BE CONTINUED.

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