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    Dear friends,
    Good Morning! Now we come to the concluding part of NAMAKAM of SRI RUDRAM,the eleventh Anuvaaka. In the eleventh anuvaaka consisting of eleven sukthaas, Rudra’s army called Ganaas is praised and they, wherever they exist, are beseeched to protect the devotees of Rudra. This anuvaaka is chanted for acquiring knowledge of past, present and future.

    This anuvaaka is followed by six stotras of Rudra..Let us go through the eleventh and understand.

    The second part of SRI RUDRAM, THE CHAMAKA PRASNA, will commence after a couple of days break.


    Sahasraani sahasraso ye Rudra adhi bhoomyaam.

    Teshaam sahasra yojane avadhanvaani thanmasi 11.1

    We request thee oh Rudra,

    To order your soldiers who are in thousands,

    To keep their thousands of weapons,

    Which are of thousand kinds,

    Thousand miles away from us.

    Asmin mahatyarnave anthareekshe bhavaa adhi. 11.2

    In this vast sea of ether,

    Whichever Rudra’s soldiers do exist,

    Neelagreeva sithi kkantaa sarvaa adha kshama charaa 11.3

    And those soldiers, who do exist,

    Whose half side of neck is blue,

    And the other half is white.

    And live under the earth in Paathaala*.

    Neelagreeva sithi kkantaa diva rudra upasrithaa 11.4

    And those soldiers, who do exist,

    Whose half side of neck is blue,

    And the other half is white.

    And who have attained heavens.

    Ye vruksheshu saspinjaraa neelagreeva vilohithaa 11.5

    And those soldiers, who do exist,

    Who are on trees with colour of new grass,

    With neck which is blue,

    And whose body is especially red.

    Ye bhoothanaam adhi pathayo visikkahsa kapardhina 11.6

    And those soldiers ,who do exist,

    Who are captains of the soldiers,

    With some of them wearing the tuft,

    And some with no hairs,

    Ye anneshu vividhyanthi paathreshu pibatho janaan 11.7

    And those soldiers ,who do exist,

    Who trouble those people,

    Who take food and drink from vessels

    Ye padhaam padhii rakshaya Iilaa brudaa yavyudha. 11.8

    And those soldiers, who do exist,

    Who protect people who walk in the path,

    And also protect those people taking all other paths,

    And who take the form of those who save by giving food,

    And who fight with enemies

    Ye theerthani pracharanthi srukaavantho nishangina 11.9

    And those soldiers ,who do exist,

    Who carry sharp weapons,

    And also those who carry swords,

    And also those who travel protecting sacred waters.

    Ya eetha bandascha bhooyaamscha diso rudraa vithasthire

    Teshaam sahasra yojane avadhanvaani thanyasi. 11.10

    We request all these your soldiers,

    And also all those others wherever they are,

    Spread in different directions,

    To keep their bows,

    Thousands miles away,

    After removing the string.

    Namo rudrebhyo ye prithvyaam ye anthareekshe,

    Ye divi yesham annam vatho varshmishadha sthebhyo dasa,

    Praceerdasa dakshina dasa pradeecheer daso udhiceer daso urdhwaa,

    Sthebhyo namasthe no mrudayanthu the yam dwishmo,

    Yascha no dweshti tham vo janme dadhaami. 11.11

    My salutations to all those soldiers of Rudra,

    Who are on earth,

    Who are in the sky,

    Who are in the worlds above,

    And to those whom air and food,

    Become weapons for killing beings.

    I salute them with ten fingers,

    I salute them facing the east,

    I salute them facing south,

    I salute them facing west,

    I sauté them facing north,

    I salute them facing above,

    My salutations to all of them,

    Let them grant happiness to me.

    I would deliver those of my enemies,

    And those who consider me as my enemy,

    In to their wide-open mouth.

    Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam,

    Oorvaaru kamiva bandhanan mruthyo rmuksheeya maamruthaath. 1

    We salute and respect,

    Him who is naturally scented,

    Him who looks after his devotes by mercy,

    And Him who has three eyes.

    And pray and request,

    To move us away from the catch of death,

    Like the cucumber from its stalk,

    And firmly put us in the path of salvation.

    Yo Rudro agnaii yo apsu ya oushadeeshu,

    Yo Rudro viswaa bhuvanaa aavivesa tasmai Rudraaya namo asthu. 2

    Let our salutations be offered to that Rudra,

    Who is in fire,

    Who is in water,

    Who is in plants and trees,

    And who is in everything in the world.

    Thamushtuhi ya swishu sudhanwaa yo viwasya kshayathi beshajasya,

    Yashwamahe soumanasaaya rudram namobhir devaasuram duvasya 3

    Pray and salute him,

    Who has the best arrows,

    Who has the best bow,

    Who is the home of medicines,

    That cure all the world’s diseases,

    And who destroys asuras.

    We salute that Rudra,

    For making our minds pure.

    Aayam me hastho bhagavaanayam me bhagavattara,

    Ayam me viswa beshajo ayam shivaabhimarsana. 4

    This my hand is my God,

    This is higher than God to me,

    This is the medicine for all sickness to me.

    For this touches Shiva and worships him.

    Ye the sahasramayutham pasaa mruthyo marthyaya hanthave,

    Thaan yagnasya maayayaa sarvaanava yajamahe,

    Mrutyave swaaha mrutyave swaaha. 5

    Oh God who destroys the world.

    I pray thee to keep away from me,

    The thousands of ropes that you have,

    Which is used by you to kill all beings,

    Due to the power of my prayers.

    This offering of fire is offered to death,

    This offering of fire is offered to death.

    OM namo bhagavathe rudraaya vishnave mruturme paahi,

    Praanaanaam grandhi rasi rudro vishaanthaka

    Thenaa annena aapya swa. 6

    Om, my salutations to God,

    Who is everywhere,

    And to the Rudra

    Let not death come near me.

    You Rudra who lives in the junction of the soul and senses,

    I pray to you who destroy everything, to be within me,

    And due to that be satisfied,

    With the food that I take as offering.

    Om Shanthi ,Shanthi, Shanthi

    Let there be peace, Let there be peace, Let there be peace

    Ithi Sri Krishna yajur vedeeya taithireeya samhithaayam

    Chathurtha Kande panchama prapaataka.

    Thus ends the fifth chapter of the fourth canto of Taithireeya collection of

    Krishna Yajur Veda.


    Thanks to all those who patiently followed this post. To see how west looks on this as a powerful mantra,see it being recited in THE WHITE HOUSE by clicking on this link.