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    Dear friends,

    Next on this Part 2 of CHAMAKAM we will know what is said in the third and fourth Anuvaakas.
    Hope members find this useful.


    Sam cha may, mayas cha may, priyas cha may, anukaamas cha may,

    Kaamas cha may, soumanasas cha may, bhadram cha may, sreyas cha may,

    Vasyas cha may, yasas cha may, bhagas cha may, dravinam cha may,

    Yantha cha may, dhartas cha may, ksemas cha may, druthis cha may,

    Viswam cha may, mahas cha may, samvich cha may, jnathram cha may,

    Suus cha may, prasoos cha may, seeram cha may, layas cha may, hritham cha may,

    Amrutham cha may, ayakshmam cha may, anamas cha may, jeevathus cha may,

    Deergayuthwam cha may, anaamithram cha may, abhayam cha may, sugam cha may,

    Sayanam cha may, sooshaa cha may, sudhinam cha may.

    Pleasures of this world are with me,

    Pleasures of other world are with me,

    Liking is with me,

    The desire due to that is with me,

    The result of the desire is with me,

    Relatives sweet to the mind are with me,

    Security is with me,

    Great fame is with me,

    Good habitats are with me,

    All good luck is with me,

    All wealth is with me,

    Teacher showing the way is with me,

    One who carries me like father is with me,

    Protection of assets is with me,

    Courage is with me,

    Good to all are with me,

    Reward is with me,

    Knowledge of Vedas and science is with me,

    Capacity to teach is with me,

    Capacity to order is with me,

    Capacity to get work done is with me,

    Wealth of cattle is with me,

    Destruction of blocks in my path are with me,

    Fire sacrifices and other good deeds are with me,

    The good result of such action is with me,

    Freedom from tuberculosis is with me,

    Freedom from small fevers are with me,

    The medicine for life without sickness is with me,

    Long life is with me,

    The state of all people being my friends is with me,

    Absence of fear is with me,

    Good conduct is with me,

    Good sleep is with me,

    Good mornings are with me,

    Good days are with me,

    And all these are with me,

    Because I worship Rudra.


    Oork cha may, soonruthas cha may, payas cha may,rasas cha may,

    Gruthams cha may, madhu cha may, sagdhis cha may, sapeethis cha may,

    Krushis cha may, vrushtis cha may, jaithram cha may, oudbheedhyam cha may,

    Rayis cha may, raayas cha may, pushtam cha may, pushtis cha may,

    Vibhus cha may, prabhus cha may, bahu cha may, bhooyas cha may,

    Poorna cha may, poorna tharam cha may, aakshithis cha may, kooyavaas cha may,

    Annam cha may, akshu cha may, vreehayas cha may, yavaas cha may, bhashaas cha may,

    Thilaas cha may, mudhgas cha may, kkhalvas cha may, godhumas cha may,

    Masooras cha may, priyangavas cha may, anavas cha may, sayaamaakas cha may,

    Neevaaras cha may. 4

    Food is with me,

    Good words are with me,

    Milk is with me,

    The essence of milk is with me,

    Ghee is with me,

    Honey is with me,

    Taking food together with relatives is with me,

    Drinking together is with me,

    Agriculture is with me,

    Rain is with me,

    Land which gives victory is with me,

    Production out of plants and trees are with me,

    Gold is with me,

    Gems are with me,

    Greatness that wealth brings is with me,

    Health is with me,

    Wealthy harvest is with me,

    Fame that the harvest brings is with me,

    Many good things that harvests brings are with me,

    Further and further growth is with me,

    Completeness is with me,

    State above perfection is with me,

    Deathless state is with me,

    Maize is with me,

    Rice food is with me,

    Wheat is with me,

    Black gram is with me,

    Oil seeds are with me,

    Green gram is with me,

    Other grams are with me,

    All types of wheat are with me,

    Masoor dhal is with me,

    Lentils are with me,

    Sorghum is with me,

    Millets are with me,

    Red rice is with me,

    And all these are with me,

    Because I worship Rudra.

    ................................TO BE CONTINUED
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