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Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings13

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  • Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings13


    (13)जलमध्ये वराहं च, Jalamadhye Varaham Cha
    When you are in the middle of waters, Think of Varaha

    उत्क्षिप्तवालः खचरः कठोरः
    सटा विधुन्वन् खररोमशत्वक्
    खुराहताभ्रः सितदंष्ट्र ईक्षा
    ज्योतिर् बभासे भगवान् महीध्रः - श्रीमद्भागवतं
    "Slashing His tail forcefully in the sky,
    The very hard, sharp hairs on His shoulder quivering,
    He scattered the very clouds with His hooves and His glittering tusk,
    As He shone bright, the supreme, His very glance luminous"
    - Srimad Bhaagavatham

    Sri Mooshnam Bhoovaraaha Swami
    Varaha was the third avataara of Maha Vishnu after Matsya and Koorma, in which He assumed the form of a humongous wild boar. The puranas refer to Him as being the originator of the boar species; therefore I am slightly puzzled as to what came first the word Varaha or the Varaha avataara as a result of which the boar is generally referred to as Varaha in Sanskrit. Either way, Varaha refers to the holy boar, which came to the rescue of the drowning Bhooma Devi. Hiranyaksha, the brother of Hiranyakashipu, had obtained powerful boons from the gods and he tortured the three worlds to no end. His last and perhaps his greatest act of tormenting Brahma was to steal the earth and hide it under the oceans. In response to Brahma's anguished prayers, a boar shot out through his nostril, the size of his thumb. The boar grew in size and plunged into the swirling ocean to rescue Mother Earth. After restoring the earth to safety, the Boar, who was Vishnu Himself, fought with Hiranyaksha and vanquished him. At this wonderful act of the Lord, Brahma and other rishis praise Him thus:

    कः श्रद्धीतान्यतमस्तव प्रभो
    रसां गताया भुव उद्विबर्हणं |
    न विस्मयो सौ त्वयि विश्वविस्मयो
    यो माययेदं ससृजेतिविस्मयं - श्रीमद्भागवतं
    "Who else but you, the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
    Could deliver the earth from within the water?
    It is not very wonderful for you, because you acted most wonderfully in the creation of the universe.
    By your energy you have created this wonderful cosmic manifestation."
    -Srimad Bhaagavatham

    Since MahaaVishnu had saved the earth goddess from drowning in the cosmic ocean, it appears to be very appropriate to propitiate Him when we are caught amidst turbulent waters. This is what we come up with if we take the naama in its literal sense. However, looking under the layers, we can infer that it also makes sense to invoke Him to save us from the churning waters of this Samsaara Saagara (the ocean of mundane life). What else is capable of lifting us from the suffocating situations that we encounter in daily life, than His powerful, luminous tusks? He alone can save us from drowning into the ocean of worldly life which is infested with dangerous creatures like Kaama, Krodha, Lobha and Moha. And we need not search anywhere to seek Him, but look within ourselves. Just like He came out of the very nostril of Brahma, a tiny form;"इत्य् अभिध्यायतो नासा विवरात् सहसानघ, वराहतोको निरगाद् अङ्गुष्ठ परिमाणकः, Ityabhidhyaayato Naasaa vivarat sahasaanagha, Varaatoko niragaad angushta parimaanakah", He will emanate from within us and grant us the solace we seek.