Dasakam: 019 -- Shlokam: 08

अवाप्य कान्तां तनयां महीरुहां
तया रमध्वं दशलक्षवत्सरीम् ।
सुतोऽस्तु दक्षो ननु तत्क्षणाच्च मां
प्रयास्यथेति न्यगदो मुदैव तान् ॥८॥

Being highly pleased with the Prachetas Thou blessed them that they would get the daughter of the trees as their wife. They would lead a happy life with her for ten lakh of years. Also that they would have a son named Daksha and soon thereafter they would attain Thee. Thus, Thou blessed them, joyfully.