Dasakam: 25-- Shlokam:10
एवं नाटितरौद्रचेष्टित विभो श्रीतापनीयाभिध-
श्रुत्यन्तस्फ़ुटगीतसर्वमहिमन्नत्यन्तशुद्धाकृते ।
तत्तादृङ्निखिलोत्तरं पुनरहो कस्त्वां परो लङ्घयेत्
प्रह्लादप्रिय हे मरुत्पुरपते सर्वामयात्पाहि माम् ॥१०॥

In this way Thou enacted a drama of ferocity. O All Pervading Lord! As described in the Shruti named Taapaneeya, as per the hymns of Thy excellences sung there in, Thou are absolutely pure and free from anger. Thou who are thus, superceding everything else, O Lord! who can overcome Thee? O Thou who are fond of Prahlaad! O Lord of Guruvaayur! be pleased to cure me of all my ailments and protect me from all maladies.