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Saligram & Shiva Lingam

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  • Saligram & Shiva Lingam

    Recently I came across the following text: Members may please give their comments on this:

    Krueh lingathavyam naarchyam Ganeshasasa trithayam thata
    Shankha thavayam thata Suryayau naarshau Shakti thrayam thata
    Dwe Chakre dwarakayastu Shaligrama seela thavayam
    desham thu pujaneva utvekam praponudvayat gruhi

    It means In a house, two Shivalingams, three Ganesha idols, Two Shanks, Two Suryas( Spatikam), three mataji idols, two Gomati devi chakras, Two Shaligrams should not be there( in a house). If these lord's idols are present more and daily puja rituals are done, in that house there can be peace disturbances.

    How do you differentiate the saligram & shiva lingam. I got couple of pooja items (
    saligram & shiva lingam) from my ancestral house.