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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 036 -- Shlokam: 08

    श्रीमद्बाहुसहस्रमुक्तबहुशस्त्रास्त्रं निरुन्धन्नमुम् ।
    चक्रे त्वय्यथ वैष्णवेऽपि विफले बुद्ध्वा हरिं त्वां मुदा
    ध्यायन्तं छितसर्वदोषमवधी: सोऽगात् परं ते पदम् ॥८॥[/img]

    [link]liilaavaarita narmadaajalavalallankesha garvaapahashriimadbaahu
    sahasramukta bahushastraastraM nirundhannamum |
    chakre tvayyatha vaiShNave(a)pi viphale buddhvaa hariM tvaaM mudaa
    dhyaayantaM ChitasarvadOShamavadhiiH sO(a)gaat paraM te padam ||8[/lionk]

    Kartaveeryarjuna, who had a thousand powerful arms was well known for his mighty feats. Once while sporting in the waters of the river Narmada, he had stopped the flow of water by using his thousand hands to form a dam; he had even curbed the pride ofRavana, who was performing a worship on the banks of the Narmada, by immersing him in the waters, making him breathless. Now with these thousand mighty hands, he fired numerous missiles and weapons on Thee. When all these and even the disc of Vishnu, that he sent turned out to be futile against Thy strength, he realized that Thou wert none other than Hari himself and he was overjoyed. He meditated on Thee and was at once liberated from all his sins. Thou killed him and he attained salvation in Thy supreme abode, Vaikunta.