Dasakam: 045 -- Slokam: 01

सबल मुरारे पाणिजानुप्रचारै:
किमपि भवनभागान् भूषयन्तौ भवन्तौ ।
चलितचरणकञ्जौ मञ्जुमञ्जीरशिञ्जा-
श्रवणकुतुकभाजौ चेरतुश्चारुवेगात् ॥१॥

Oh Murari ! Thou along with Thy brother Balarama, crawled all over the house on Thy hands and knees, lighting up the place most charmingly. Eager to hear the tinkling sound of Thy anklet bells, on Thy lotus feet, the two of Thee, ankle trinkets tinkled pleasingly, and so to increase the pleasing sound Thou charmingly moved about with more briskness.