Dasakam: 51 -- Slaying of Aghasura
One day Krishna was playing with the boys in the forest. At that time a mighty Asura called Agha, who was the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura, came there under the direction of Kamsa. Even the Devas who were rendered immortal by Amrita were afraid of Agha. Aghasura reflected within himself thus, "This is the slayer of my brother and sister. I will take revenge now and kill Krishna along with Balarama and his friends.

The wicked Asura assumed the huge body of a boa-constrictor, one Yojana (8 miles) in length and stout like a big hill. The extremities of his open mouth touched the clouds and the earth. It kept open its cave-like mouth in order to swallow Krishna and his associates. All the boys with all their calves clapped their hands and with a smile entered the mouth of the serpent. The serpent did not close its mouth. It waited with its mouth opened for Krishna. Krishna entered the mouth of the serpent and expanded Himself to huge dimensions in the throat of the Asura. The Asura died. Krishna gave fresh life to the cowherd boys and calves and came out with them from the mouth of the Asura. A brilliant light emanated from the huge body of the serpent and entered the body of Krishna.
Dasakam: 051 -- Slokam: 01

कदाचन व्रजशिशुभि: समं भवान्
वनाशने विहितमति: प्रगेतराम् ।
समावृतो बहुतरवत्समण्डलै:
सतेमनैर्निरगमदीश जेमनै: ॥१॥

One day along with the children of Vruja Desa, Oh Lord ! Thou decided to go on a picnic, along with the cowherd children, Thou set out early in the morning. O Lord Thou also took along eatables, cooked rice and other delicacies.