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  • Narayaneeyam

    Slaying of Dhenukasura
    Accompanied by the cowherd boys and Balarama, Krsna brought forward the cows and played on His flute through the forest of Vrndavana, which was full of flowers, vegetables, and pasturing grass. The Vrndavana forest was as sanctified as the clear mind of a devotee and was full of bees, flowers and fruits. There were chirping birds and clear water lakes with waters that could relieve one of all fatigues. Sweet flavored breezes blew always, refreshing the mind and body. Krsna, with His friends and Balarama, entered the forest and, seeing the favorable situation, enjoyed the atmosphere to the fullest extent. Krsna saw all the trees, overloaded with fruits and fresh twigs, coming down to touch the ground as if welcoming Him by touching His lotus feet. He was very pleased by the behavior of the trees, fruits and flowers, and He began to smile realizing their desires.

    His most intimate friends Sridama, Subala and Stoka Krsna began to address Krsna and Balarama with great love and affection thus: “Dear Balarama, You are very powerful; Your arms are very strong. Dear Krsna, You are very expert in killing all kinds of disturbing demons. Will You kindly note that just near this place there is a big forest of the name Talavana. This forest is full of palm trees, and all the trees are filled with fruits. Some are falling down, and some of them are very ripe even in the trees. It is a very nice place, but because of a great demon, Dhenukasura, it is very difficult to go there. No one can reach the trees to collect the fruits. Dear Krsna and Balarama, this demon is present there in the form of an ass, and he is surrounded by similar demon friends who assume the same shape. All of them are very strong, so it is very difficult to approach this place. Dear brothers, You are the only persons who can kill such demons. Other than You, no one can go there for fear of being killed. Not even animals go there, and no birds are sleeping there; they have all left. He has the form of an ass. He has already killed many men. Therefore people do not enter the place out of fear. We smell the fragrance of the fruits even from here. It appears that up until now, no one has tasted the sweet fruits there, either on the tree or on the ground.

    One can only appreciate the sweet aroma that is coming from that place. Dear Krsna, to tell You frankly, we are very attracted by this sweet aroma. Dear Balarama, let us all go there and enjoy these fruits. The aroma of the fruits is now spread everywhere. Don’t You smell it from here?When Balarama and Krsna were thus petitioned by Their smiling, intimate friends, They were inclined to please them, and They began to proceed towards the forest, surrounded by all Their friends. Immediately upon entering the Talavana, Balarama began Balarama boldly entered the forest and shook the trees violently. Numerous fruits fell down from the trees. When the Asura heard the sound of the fall of those fruits, he rushed forth and violently kicked Balarama on his chest with his hind feet. Balaram took hold of the ass by both its hind feet and whirled round his head and hurled it with force against a very large palmyra tree. The Asura died. Then all the kith and kin of Dhenuka attacked both Balarama and Krishna. They were all killed by Rama and Krishna. The companions of Krishna and Rama ate the palmyra fruits to their heart's content. After the death of Dhenuka and his relatives, people entered the grove fearlessly and the cattle also freely grazed on the pasture in that grove.

    Dasakam: 053 -- Slokam: 01:

    अतीत्य बाल्यं जगतां पते त्वमुपेत्य पौगण्डवयो मनोज्ञं ।
    उपेक्ष्य वत्सावनमुत्सवेन प्रावर्तथा गोगणपालनायाम् ॥१॥

    Oh Lord of the Universe! With Thy childhood stage ending at five years of age, Thou came to the endearing stage of boyhood (from six to ten years of age) and started to rear cows instead of calves, with great enthusiasm.

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    Great information. Thanks for sharing.
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