Dasakam: 065 -- Slokam: 08

जारात्मना न परमात्मतया स्मरन्त्यो
नार्यो गता: परमहंसगतिं क्षणेन ।
तं त्वां प्रकाशपरमात्मतनुं कथञ्चि-
च्चित्ते वहन्नमृतमश्रममश्नुवीय ॥८॥

pdiv5]These women thought of Thee and remembered Thee not with the feeling of godliness, but as their lover, and, they attained the state of liberation with Thee...and attained this state which cannot be easily got by even great sages. O Supreme Resplendent form! Fixing my mind constantly on Thy effulgent form, with firmness and devotion, one way or the other, may I also attain liberation without effort.[/div5]