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Sri Vamana Stuti - Vamana Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012

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  • Sri Vamana Stuti - Vamana Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012

    Sri Vamana Stuti - Vamana Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012

    Greetings and Namaste. Shri Vamana Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012. In this connection I am happy to share a rare Gadya (prose) like stotra on Lord Vamana from Vaman Puranam, Chapter 92. This hymn was sung by Lord Brahma when Lord Vishnu visits Brahma loka after shedding Vamana Avatar (after pushing down King Bali to nether worlds).

    The essence of this prayer is that Lord Vamana/Vishnu is the essence of all and He Himself is taking the forms of all. Some portions of the hymn are almost identical with Purusha Suktam.

    Vamana Puranam is one of the shorter puranas and is Vaishnavite in color. When Puranas are denominated as Vaishnavite or Shaivite or Brahmite, it only means that prominence is given to that form but does not mean they trivialize other forms. This is true for all purans right from Srimad Bhagavatam.

    Though Vamana Purana is predominantly Vaishnavite, it also contains several chapters devoted to Lord Shiva and the non-duality of Vishnu/Shiva are established beyond doubt. A couple of examples:

    1. Chapter 62 introduces Shiva Abhisheka and Tapta kRRichra Vrata. This chapter explains how Lord Shiva is posited in the Hrudaya of Lord Vishnu and Hari/Hara Abheda.

    2. Chatper 67 contains a story where Nandi-gana try to slight Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra berates them harshly. He clearly tells that their Bhava-purvaka-bhakti while slighting Vishnu does not please him an iota and they committed horrendous sins. He explains that He is Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu is He Himself. Nadi-gana did not get this and ask him further, "how do you say that you both are same? How do we realize?" Lord Rudra, replies beautifully as below:

    na tvavea yogyA yUyaM hi mahAGYAnasya karhicit |
    apavAda bhayAd guhyaM bhavatAM hi prakAshaye ||

    (Meaning : You people will never deserve to be Maha GYAnis. Just to clear Apavada, let me explain/show this secret to you.)

    He later sings the praise of Lord Vishnu. At the request of Nandi-gana, he later shows His SadAshiva rupa which is both Shiva and Vishnu forms (including Aditya form). On seeing this Nadi-gana finally get that Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva/Aditya are abhinna (non-separable). Later Nandi-ganas pray that their sins are absolved to which Lord Sadashiva agrees.

    One thing is clear - our limited mental faculty with our saturation of different preferences/prejudices can't fully fathom the depth of sacred texts. The more you read, the more wonderstruck you become. If Lord Shiva can berate Nandi, who is his son, will never get, we need not talk about us.

    May Lord Vamana protect us all.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K. Muralidharan.


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    Re: Sri Vamana Stuti - Vamana Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2012

    I happened to visit Trikakkara temple in Ernakulam two days before the Vamana Jayanti. It is a fantastic place that houses both Lord Shiva (swayambu) and Lord Vishnu. The deity, though small, is richly decorated.