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  • Narayaneeyam


    Dasakam: 077 -- Slokam: 11

    ऐक्ष्वाकोऽहं विरक्तोऽस्म्यखिलनृपसुखे त्वत्प्रसादैककाङ्क्षी
    हा देवेति स्तुवन्तं वरविततिषु तं निस्पृहं वीक्ष्य हृष्यन् ।
    मुक्तेस्तुल्यां च भक्तिं धुतसकलमलां मोक्षमप्याशु दत्वा
    कार्यं हिंसाविशुद्ध्यै तप इति च तदा प्रात्थ लोकप्रतीत्यै ॥११॥

    Oh God , that king told you, King Muchukunda praised Thee, saying : " O Lord ! “I am a king of the Ikshuvaku clan ,And when I started hating all luxuries that belong to the king,And started wanting only your grace I renounced all pleasures”,And as he did not ask for any boons whatsoever, you became pleased,And bestowed on him devotion to you which was equal to salvation,And salvation also in a very short period of time, and directed him, to do penance to purify the deeds of having caused pain to people during his rule. In the course of his life when he was a king and also later.,So that this would set an example to all others who hurt others.