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    Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 80 -- The Story of Syamantaka Jewel

    The Story of SyamantakaMani

    There was a king of the name Satrajit, a Yadava nobleman. He was a great devotee of the Sun-god or Surya. Satrajit while walking along the sea shore was praying ardently to Sun-god. Sun-god pleased with Satrajit`s devotion himself appeared and stood before him and god awarded Satrajit as a blessing, the precious gemstone Syamantaka Mani. Satrajit later presented Syamantaka Mani to his brother Prasena, used to wear the gem often, and once while walking in the woods with it, he was attacked by a lion, which killed him and fled with the jewel. Then the lion was attacked by Jambavan, described as a `bear`, killed it after a fierce fight and took the Syamantaka jewel.

    It was rumoured that Lord Krishna wanted to possess Syamantaka Mani or jewel. Thus when Prasena did not return, people started to accuse Krishna for the murder of Prasena and for the theft of the precious stone. With the purpose to prove his innocence, Krishna wanted to find out the true offender and recover the Syamantaka Mani. As he followed on the search of the dead Prasena, Krishna came to the place were he found the dead body of Prasena and his horse. . He followed the tracks of a bear, which finally led him to the entrance of Jambavan`s cave. In that cave Jambavan`s children were playing with the Syamantaka Mani. Jambavan entered the cave and found Krishna; There was a combat between Krishna and Jambavan that lasted for twenty-one days, defeated him, got back the Syamantaka Mani, and returned to Dwaraka. Krishna later married Jambavati, Jambavan`s daughter.

    Krishna then called Satrajit and to him the entire story of the Syamantaka jewel`s recovery, gave the gemstone back to him. Satrajit did not want to take the jewel but Krishna forced him to take. Satrajit accepted the jewel, but with great shame and remorse. He went back to his home, and there he decided to offer Lord Krishna not only the jewel but also his daughter, Satyabhama. Sri Krishna accepted the hand of Satrajit`s daughter, Satyabhama, who was endowed with all divine qualities. But Krishna refused to take the jewel and returned it to King Satrajit.
    Some days later, Krishna and Balarama were going towards Hastinapur after hearing the rumours that the Pandavas have been burnt to their deaths in a fire. In the mean time Kritavarma, Akrura and Satadhanwa, wanted to steal the Syamantaka Mani from Satrajit. Thus in Krishna`s absence from Dwaraka Satadhanva at one night entered the house of Satrajit and murdered him to death and stole the jewel .

    Satyabhama was mournful and rushed to Hastinapur to inform Krishna about the horrifying death of her father Satrajit. Krishna and Balarama immediately started for Dwaraka to avenge Satrajit`s death, hearing of which Satadhanwa fled on his horse, keeping the jewel with Akrura. Satadhanwa was chased down by Krishna and Balarama and finally killed by Krishna near Mithila. Later Krishna returned to Dwaraka, and upon realizing that Akrura had already fled to Kashi with the Syamantaka jewel, summoned him up, and asked him to admit his guilt. When Akrura obeyed what Krishna had said then He let him keep it, on the clause that Akrura had to stay in the city of Dwaraka.