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    Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 81 -- Slaying of Narakasura,Marriage with Kalindhi and others as well Stealing of Parijatha
    Dasakam: 81 -- Slaying of Narakasura,Marriage with Kalindhi and others as well Stealing of Parijatha
    Lord Krishna then marries five more ladies in different circumstances. He kills Narakasura in Pragjyothishpura and later goes to Indra Loka with Sathyabhama and as per her request fought with Indra and brought Parijatha plant to Dwaraka. And You also arranged Arjuna to get married to your sisterSubhadra.

    .Krishna always endeared the loving and very beautiful Satyabhaamaa. And along with her you attended the marriage of Panchali with Pandavas, And later according to the wishes of sons of Kunthi he stayed for some time, In Hasthinapur and Oh Lord! you having founded the city of Indraprastha for the Pandavas and then returned to Dwaarikaa.

    Then Arjuna who was staying in your home in the guise of a sage, Abducted your lovely and gracious sister Subadhra with your permission. Whose hand was requested by Duryodhana from your elder brother Balarama, a nd when this enraged Balarama, you talked to him and made him agree. Then went to the marriage of Arjuna with Balarama and Satyabhaamaa to Indraprastha to show your love to your dear friend Arjuna. Not only that, while in Indraprastha, one day when Krishna had gone for hunting, In the forests in the banks of Yamuna He saw Kalindhi and accepted her as wife, And later helped Arjuna in the burning of the forest at Gandawa and satisfied Agni, And after that returned to Dwaraka. The princess of Avanti, Mitravindaa was the daughter of Krishana’s father's sister and was greatly in love with Thee. She was afraid of her brother and was helpless. Thou took her away suddenly in the presence of many kings.

    After that Krishna went to Kosala and married the king Nagnajit's daughter after demonstrating your strength by harnessing seven powerful bulls simultaneously assuming seven forms of Krishna at the same time, and later O Lord! You accepted the hand of Bhadra bestowed to you by her brothers, Sandhardhana and others, She too was the daughter of your father's sister, Sruthakeerthi.After hitting the fish target looking only at its reflection in water, Which even great heroes like Arjuna failed to do, You married princes Lakshamana, who was the daughter of King of Madhra, And like this the number of your wives became eight, Meanwhile from Devendra you came to know the evil deeds of son of earth.

    On his divine vehicle Garuda, the king of all birds, And after climbing on him you seated Sathyabhama on your lap, Lord Krishna set for the fort of Narakasura as if you were going to a garden. And as soon as reached there you powdered all the fortifications, and by the flowing blood of the slain army, You soon converted the city of Praagjyotish into Shonitpura (the city of blood).The Asura Mura having five faces rushed towards Thee from the middle of the forest which was like an ocean. Very speedily using your holy wheel, and then killed, Narakasura who came with sixty five, four tusked elephants, and saved him from the suffering of hell.

    Immediately Goddess earth Bhumi Devi came and praised you. At onceyou gave that kingdom to Bhagadatha the son of Narakasura, And also gave him one of those elephants, And sent all other elephants to your own city of Dwaraka, And freed sixteen thousand maidens who were kept in prison by Narakasura, Who were also your devotees and also sent lot of wealth to Dwaraka.Then you went to the heaven to return the ear the ear ornaments to Aditi which were taken away by Narakaasura. . Satyabhaamaa had accompanied Thee who put to shame the women there, with her beauty.

    Thou were received with honour by Indra and others And later when you tried to took away the Kalpataru, at which, the angered Indra put up a fight. Thou won over him and returned to Dwaraka. you did this to demonstrate to the world the evil which is generated from prosperity.Then you planted the Parijatha tree in the courtyard of Satyabhaamaa's palace. The 16000 women werealso accepted as your wives, And due to your yogic power you assumed as many forms as there are ladies, Entertained them separately and looked after each one of them with care and love, And this caused great astonishment and surprise to Narada who visited you, And later you begot ten children with each of them.