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    Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 82Defeat Of Banasura and Salvation of Nruga

    Defeat Of Banasura and Salvation of Nruga
    Rukmini's son, Pradyumna, was kidnapped by Sambhara, And you killed Sambhara and returned back along with Rati Devi, Pradyumna wasKamadeva, reborn after being burnt to ashes by Lord Siva in anger. After kidnappinghim on birth, Sambara threw him into the sea, where he was swallowed by a fish,which was caught by a fisherman and brought to Sambara's house. When cut open bySambara's cook for making a dish for Sambara, Pradyumna came out of the belly ofthe fish and was secretly brought up by Rati who was then staying in Sambara's household and had recognized him as Kamadeva reborn.) Pradyumna also carriedaway Rukmi's daughter, Rukmavati, (by her good fortune), who later bore him a son, who was the son of Pradhyumna, AnirudhaMarried Rochana who was the daughter of the son of Rugmi,And you had attended this marriage and during this marriage,Balarama killed Rugmi after quarreling with him over gambling.
    \Banasura, the 1000 handed bahktha of Lord Siva and the son of Mahabali had a daughter named Usha and she loved Krishna's grand son Anirudha even though she had not seen him at all. Usha used to see his swaroopa by the expert painting of Chitralekha who can draw pictures of any one by her artistic hand. She also by her swayogabalam brought Anirudhan from Dwaraka to Usha's courtyard. Both Usha and Anirudha lived together for some time until one day Banasura came to know about this and he ties Anirudha by the Nagastram and kept him as a prisoner. Krishna came to know about this by Naradamaharshi's news and started to attack Banasura and his rajyam Sonithapur.

    Since Banasuran is the bhaktha of Siva , all the armies of Sivaganas also started battling against Krishna along with Banasura and his armies. A long battle followed. Banasura fought against Yuyudhanan , Siva's son Subramanyan fought against Krishna's son Pradyumnan and Krishna himself fought against Lord Siva.Siva got fainted by Krishna's Sammohnastram and Subramanya ran away by Pradymnan's attack.Banasura also returned defeated by Krishna and Siva jwara also got defeated by Krishnajwara and Sivajwara started praising Krishna and promised that those who read this story will not be affected by any jwara in the future. When Banasura came back for the war with Krishan , He started breaking each of his thousand hands when Siva requested Krishna not to kill Bana Krishna left him alone.and Bana honored and respected you, and you, Returned to Dwaraka along with Usha and Aniruddha.

    your incarnation as Krishna is the greatest because,You again and again defeated Lord Devendra,Defeated Varuna when he kidnapped Nandagopa,Defeated Kala, the god of death, when you brought back your teacher's son,Defeated Agni when you swallowed the forest fire,Defeated Lord Brahma when he stole the calves of Gokula, And defeated Lord Shiva in this war with Bana. Later Krishna offered shapamoksham to the Nrugaraja whonwas in the Nruga form due to a Brahmana shapam and instructed your own people of the greatness, Of Devotion to Brahmins.