Dasakam: 083 -- Slokam: 06

काशीश्वरस्य तनयो अथ सुदक्षिनाख्यः
शर्वं प्रपुउज्य भवते विहिताभिचर्रः |
क्र् ^इत्यानलं कमपि बाणरणतिभीतैः
भूतैः कथा न्चन वर ^इतिः सममभ्यमुन्छत || 6

Then Sudakshina, who was one of the sons of king of Kasi, who had acquired magical powers by propitiating Lord Kasi Viswanatha through deeds of black magic, despatched towards Thee An evil spirit called Kruthya who had the form of fire, accompanied by some Bhootas Against youWho were terribly scared of you in the war with Bana, And with difficulty became the companions of this evil spirit