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  • Naaraayaneeyam

    Narayaneeyam - Dasakam 87:The story of Kuchela
    Dasakam: 87 -- The Kuchela Episode

    Krishna and Kuchela studied together under Sandipani Maharshi in his Ashram when they were boys. Many years passed and Krishna was the King of Dwaraka whereas Kuchela was hardly pulling on as a poor brahmin.One day Kuchela's wife tells Kuchela that there is no food in the house. The children were always hungry. It was Kuchela's desire to meet his friend Krishna. Why does he not go and meet him? Kuchela also wants to go. He considers the unexpected opportunity to meet Krishna as a veritable windfall. Before he sets out for Dwaraka to meet Krishna, He asks his wife for a gift to Krishana. She gives him some rice flakes made from borrowed rice and Kuchela He takes care to carry with him, tucked in a corner of his upper cloth, and starts off to meet Krishna. Even as he wends his way towards Dwaraka, his mind is dominated by thoughts about Krishna.On the way he thinks "Will Krishna recognise me? Will he receive me, a poor brahmin? Krishna is so large hearted he will receive any brahmin, even the poorest of the poor." So thinking he proceeds on foot a distance of maybe a hundred miles.
    In due course, he reaches Dwaraka and approaches Krishna's mansion. Krishna is sitting in his house with Rukmini when he sees Kuchela coming. He runs off from his couch and rushes towards Kuchela to embrace him and accord him a rousing reception. He clasps his hand affectionately and leads him inside His palace. He sheds tears of joy. He lovingly seats Kuchela on the couch and honours him by laving his feet, applying sandal paste on his feet, offering flowers at his feet, performing dhupa, deepa, etc. . and treated well. Finally he asks Kuchela what he has brought and forcibly takes the rice flakes and eats two handfuls of it. But when he was about to eat the third time his wife objects saying that she will become a servant of Kuchela if he eats again. Hence he stops eating. Kuchela pleasantly spent one night in the city of Dwaraka, Kuchela and Krishna talk for some time and it is time for kuchela to go.

    Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 01

    [hd2\कुचेलनामा भवत: सतीर्थ्यतां गत: स सान्दीपनिमन्दिरे द्विज: ।
    त्वदेकरागेण धनादिनिस्स्पृहो दिनानि निन्ये प्रशमी गृहाश्रमी ॥१॥[/hd2]

    The Brahmin by the name Kuchela (Sudaamaa) who was studying along with you,In the hermitage of Sandheepini, He was totally devoted to Thee. due to his very great devotion to you, He Led a life with a controlled mind and senses, he spent his days calmly without any worldly desires of wealth etc.1