Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam: 1

रमाजाने जाने यदिह तव भक्तेषु विभवो न सद्यस्सम्पद्यस्तदिह मदकृत्त्वादशमिनाम् । प्रशान्तिं कृत्वैव प्रदिशसि तत: काममखिलंप्रशान्तेषु क्षिप्रं न खलु भवदीये च्युतिकथा ॥१॥

Oh consort of Lakshmi that prosperity does not ,Increase suddenly to your devotees because it also increases their pride, And because of this you bless them with prosperity and wealth,Only after they have attained the state of perfect mental tranquility,But in case one has it already , there is no delay in granting him wealth