Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam:10

दु:खान्यालोक्य जन्तुष्वलमुदितविवेकोऽहमाचार्यवर्या- ल्लब्ध्वा त्वद्रूपतत्त्वं गुणचरितकथाद्युद्भवद्भक्तिभूमा । मायामेनां तरित्वा परमसुखमये त्वत्पदे मोदिताहे तस्यायं पूर्वरङ्ग: पवनपुरपते नाशयाशेषरोगान् ॥१०॥

“Having seen sufferings in living beings, and gaining more power of discrimination and attaining the knowledge of Your true nature from the best of Gurus, and with devotion born out of listening to (Your)virtues and stories of (Your) incarnations, may I, after crossing this Maya,stay happily at Your divine feet, which will give me great delight. To achieve this, this is the first step. O Lord! of Guruvaayur! Remove my numerous ailments.