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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 03

    त्वत्कारुण्ये प्रवृत्ते क इव नहि गुरुर्लोकवृत्तेऽपि भूमन्
    सर्वाक्रान्तापि भूमिर्नहि चलति ततस्सत्क्षमां शिक्षयेयम् ।
    गृह्णीयामीश तत्तद्विषयपरिचयेऽप्यप्रसक्तिं समीरात्
    व्याप्तत्वञ्चात्मनो मे गगनगुरुवशाद्भातु निर्लेपता च ॥३

    O Lord of the Universe! When Thy grace illumines the functioning of this world,from whom one can learn several valuable lessons and imbibe many noble qualities. I will learn the lesson of true forbearance from the earth that does not move inspite of being oppressed by all. And from that I would learn the quality of patience, The air is always in contact with various objects but which stays unaffected by the myriad objects it comes into contact with; I would understand from wind that , though I do have contact,With many things I should not have any attachment with anything, I would learn from Space that even though,which is all pervasive and taintless. Soul is in every being it should not get tainted by all that.