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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 03

    एवं त्वत्प्राप्तितोऽन्यो नहि खलु निखिलक्लेशहानेरुपायो
    नैकान्तात्यन्तिकास्ते कृषिवदगदषाड्गुण्यषट्कर्मयोगा: ।
    दुर्वैकल्यैरकल्या अपि निगमपथास्तत्फलान्यप्यवाप्ता
    मत्तास्त्वां विस्मरन्त: प्रसजति पतने यान्त्यनन्तान् विषादान्॥३

    Other than the attainment of Thee, certainly, the other means of eradicating sufferings, which are resorted to, like cultivation, medicine, the six gunas, the six steps of Yoga etc., are ultimately ineffective in completely removing or the recurrence of all sufferings. The rituals prescribed in the Vedas are hard to perform or practice, due to unavoidable and insurmountable obstacles and inadequacies, such as, lack of time, constraints on resources, capacity of the performer, etc. Indeed, one who manages to perform these successfully, and get results, often becomes proud of his achievement and forgets Thee, which brings about this decline and endless misery.