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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 02

    सत्त्वोन्मेषात् कदाचित् खलु विषयरसे दोषबोधेऽपि भूमन्
    भूयोऽप्येषु प्रवृत्तिस्सतमसि रजसि प्रोद्धते दुर्निवारा ।
    चित्तं तावद्गुणाश्च ग्रथितमिह मिथस्तानि सर्वाणि रोद्धुं
    तुर्ये त्वय्येकभक्तिश्शरणमिति भवान् हंसरूपी न्यगादीत् ॥२॥

    O Infinite Being! When the Sattva Guna predominates, at times, owing to the ascendancy of Rajas and Tamas (energy, passion, aggressiveness, sloth, ignorance and the like), despite being conscious of the harmfulness of sense enjoyments is realized. The attraction of such activities becomes irresistible, , because the mind and the gunas are mutually interlinked. To control all these, devotion in Thy in the "fourth state" (beyond the three states of wakefulness, dream and deep slumber) which is identical with Thee. This indeed was the advice vouchsafed by Thee to Sages, Sanaka and his brothers, assuming the form of a Swan, (which signifies whiteness, purity and wisdom).