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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 096 -- Slokam: 03

    धर्मं वर्णाश्रमाणां श्रुतिपथविहितं त्वत्परत्वेन भक्त्या
    कुर्वन्तोऽन्तर्विरागे विकसति शनकै: सन्त्यजन्तो लभन्ते ।
    सत्तास्फूर्तिप्रियत्वात्मकमखिलपदार्थेषु भिन्नेष्वभिन्नं
    निर्मूलं विश्वमूलं परममहमिति त्वद्विबोधं विशुद्धम् ॥३॥

    People in the four casts and the four aashramas, who perform their duties, as laid down in the Vedas, according to their station in life, with devotion and dedication to Thee, to them non-attachment sprouts and matures gradually. When they are fully non-attached, they give up these duties and attain the true knowledge of Thee. And realize that they are themselves the divine Brahmam which has the form,Of existence, consciousness and bliss, which is same in all materials and beings, And which is the cause as well as not the cause for the entire universe, And also get the real knowledge of you who is pure and great