Dasakam: 096 -- Slokam: 07

[hd2] ज्ञानायैवातियत्नं मुनिरपवदते ब्रह्मतत्त्वं तु शृण्वन्
गाढं त्वत्पादभक्तिं शरणमयति यस्तस्य मुक्ति: कराग्रे ।
त्वद्ध्यानेऽपीह तुल्या पुनरसुकरता चित्तचाञ्चल्यहेतो-
रभ्यासादाशु शक्यं तदपि वशयितुं त्वत्कृपाचारुताभ्याम् ॥७॥[/hd2

According to Sage Vyasa, the path of Knowledge, unleavened by devotion, is a waste of effort. Liberation comes easily to one who combines knowledge with devotion toThee. In other words, devotion degenerates into blind faith if it is not accompanied by Scriptural knowledge, whoever, after learning from the scriptures or from a Guru the truth of Brahma, one who takes refuge with firmness in devotion at Thy feet, to him liberation is at hand. Meditation on Thee is no less difficult , because of the wavering nature of the mind, but can be mastered soon with practice, with Thy grace and with the attractiveness of Thy enchanting form.