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    Bhagavat comes from the word Bhagawan or God. Bhagavat means "Regarding God" or also "Godly".
    Bhagavatam has come to be the short name for "Srimad Bhagavatam" also known as Bhagavad Purana, Just as Gita popularly means Bhagavad Gita given by God Krishna.

    (A) Bhagavatam, (other names; Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavata Purana):

    One of the most important Sanskrit classics of India describing the avatars of Lord Krishna.

    The Bhagavatam takes the form of a story being told by a great rishi known as Suta Goswami, to a host of assembled sages, who ask him questions in regard to the various avatars, or descents of Vishnu within the mortal world. Suta Goswami then relates the Bhagavatam as he has heard it from another sage, called Sukadeva. The language of the Purana closely resembles Vedic which may indicate an early dating or a variety of other possible reasons to resemble the archaic texts.

    Each section or canto describes specific avatars of Vishnu, beginning with a summary of all avatars in the first canto concluding with description of Krishna as Svayam bhagavan. The tenth and eleventh cantos give detailed accounts of the story of Krishna's appearance and pastimes in Vrindavan, and his instructions to various devotees (such as the Uddhava Gita). The final twelfth canto foretells the coming of the age of Kali yuga (the current age according to the Hindu cycle of ages), and the eventual destruction of the earthly universe.

    B) Potana Bhagavatam:

    Potana was a great Telugu poet. It was believed that one early morning during a lunar eclipse, on the banks of river Godavari , Potana was meditating on Lord Shiva. At that auspicious moment, Lord Rama appeared dressed like a king and requested Potana to translate Bhagavatam into Telugu and dedicate it to him. This inspired him to translate Vyasa’s Sanskrit Bhagavatam into Telugu.

    He was quite fond of using rhythm and repetition of sounds giving a majestic grace to the style of writing. He was very skilful in using alankaras (figures of speech) like similes and metaphors. Potana imparted the knowledge of the divine to the Telugu people along with lessons in ethics and politics through Andhra Maha Bhagavatamu.

    Even illiterate Telugus readily quote verses from chapters 'Gajendra Mokshamu' and 'Prahlada Charitra' of his work, ‘Andhra Maha Bhagavathamu,’ the crown jewel of Telugu literature. Andhra people are greatly indebted to the most beloved poet Bammera Potana.

    C. Devi Bhagavatam,(other names; Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, Devi Purana):

    The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, also known as Devi Purana, was composed into 12 chapters, containing 18000 verses by the great Veda Vyasa. Though classified as an upa-purana it is the only purana Vedavyasa called "Maha Purana" meaning the great purana.

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights