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  • Power Of RAMA NAMAM

    Power of RAMA NAMAM

    Paramacharyal Sri Chandrasekhara Swamigal, had said:

    "There are two powerful 'araka Namas'. One is Aum and another is Ram. All mantras have to be prefixed with Aum for obtaining the benefits of those mantras, whereas there is no need to prefix Aum when the name 'Ram' is recited because the name itself is 'Tarka Namam' "

    Divine poet, composer and singer Tyagaraja, and had

    "The life letter of the five letter word 'Nama Sivaya' (நமசிவாய ) is 'MA'. Similarly the life letter (Jeevaksharam) of the eight letter word 'Narayanaya' is "RA". It is the combination of these two aksharas (letters) that produced the nama 'RAMA'.

    Once, during their stay at the jungle, Lakshmana observed a Crow going to a river to drink water, but returned without drinking the water. Like this it kept on trying for innumerable times but never drank the water. Lakshman could not understand why the crow was doing like this and sought an explanation from Lord Rama. Rama said "this crow is uttering the name of Rama, non-stop. He is afraid he may have to stop uttering the name if he starts drinking water. He is willing to die without water rather than stop chanting the name of Rama."

    Sins are completely washed away by the utterance of all Namas BUT IT IS ONLY 'RAMA NAMA' THAT SHIELDS AGAINST SINS IN THE FUTURE ALSO (Curative and Preventive Nama)

    Once a battle Divine ensued between Sarweswara and Anjaneya. Ultimately Easwara realised that he could not defeat Hanuman as he was all the time reciting Rama Nama.

    Sri Sathya Sai Baba explains the power of Rama nama:

    What are the inner meanings of the name Rama?

    The three syllables 'R', 'A' and 'Ma' indicate the three causes for human birth, namely Papamu (the sins one has committed), Thapamu (the troubles one experiences) and Ajnanamu(one's ignorance). "Ra" represents the root letter for Agni (fire)."A a" represents the letter for the moon. "Ma" represents the root letter for the sun. What doesAgni signify? It destroys everything and reduces it to ashes. The letter "R" has the power to destroy all the sins committed by man.The letter "Aa" (symbolising the moon) has the powers of cooling the fevers man suffers from and conferring peace on him. "Ma" represents the sun who dispels the darkness of ignorance and confers illumination of wisdom.

    Hence, the word Rama has the right triple power of destroying sins, conferring peace and dispelling ignorance…

    Sree Rama Rama Ramethi Rame Raame Manorame Sahasranama Tat Thul-yam Rama Nama Varananemeaning it is only Rama nama which is equal to a thousand names of Vishnu.

    Hence Rama Naamam is greater than Ram Himself

    According to ancient texts, Shree Vashishta muni narrated the significance of 'RAMA' nama (name) during naming/christening ceremony of new born babies to King Dasharatha & his three wives. When Vashishta muni decided to name the older one as 'RAMA', King Dasaratha questioned muni the signficance of particularly choosing the two lettered word.

    Sage Vasishta meditated on the Rama Nama for quite a long time. Hence he wanted to name the Almighty with the same Mantra that he had chanted.

    Rama Nama gets exactly the same importance in Saguna Upasana (worshipping the Absolute Truth as a Being with a form) as does the Pranava ('Om') Mantra in Nirguna Upasana (worshipping the Absolute Truth as formless).

    Rishi Manu shows that the Rama Nama has links to all the other mantras that ever exist.

    In Syavana Smriti (Syavana is the name of a rishi), Syavana says that the Rama Nama is the essence of all the Vedas, Shastras, Itihasas and Puranas.

    In the philosophy of the Yoga, 'Ra' is considered the 'Mooladhara' (the point of origin of the power of Kundalini) and 'Ma' is the 'Sahasrara' (the destination) . Hence, when the Rama Nama is chanted in the right tone and manner, the serpent power rises and hits the head or the 'kapala' Thus, by merely chanting the Rama Nama, one can become a Yogi

    Om Apadam apahartaram Dataram Sarva Sampadam|
    Lokabhiramam Sriramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham||

    ఓం ఆపదా మపహర్తారం దాతారం సర్వసంపదాం |
    లోకాభిరామం శ్రీరామం భూయో భూయో నమామ్యహమ్* ||

    Word to Word

    Apadam - Dangers; apahartaram - The remover / destroyer; Dataram - Giver; Sarva - All, Sampadam- Wealth; Lokabhiramam - the one who is pleasing to the people; Sriramam - Sri Rama; Bhuyo - Again; Bhuyo - Again, Namami- Bow; Aham - I


    I bow to that Lord Rama who is ever beautiful, who destroys all dangers and gives all sorts of wealth.

    Please note that these lines are from 35th verse of Sri Rama Raksha Stotram which is considered as a great prayer composed by a saint names Budha Koushika

    Sources: periva.proboards

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