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    "Lalata likhitha rekha parimarthum na sakhyathe".

    There are three things. We can described all the happening in the universe in these three categories. (1) Prathyaksham (directly visible); (2) Sookshmam (invisible or subtle) and (3) Karanam (Cause or Effect).

    While we can easily know about visible things, it is difficult to know about the invisible things. But behind everything, there is a reason.

    We generally have a feeling that we are controlled by only known forces. But we are constantly controlled, or protected by invisible forces. The life's purpose is know such secrets..

    A theist and an atheist are friends. They respect each other and are not teasing each other on otherís belief. One day they went on a walk and there was a small temple on a country side. Theist went inside the temple and the atheist was standing outside the temple.

    Limping out of the temple, the theist came out after had a small cut from a piece of glass inside the temple. Small amount of blood came out. In the meantime the atheist got a fifty rupee note on the wayside.

    The atheist made a comment that by not going to worship he was awarded. He added that by going to worship the theist got the cut in one of his legs.

    The theist gave the explanation in a different way. He said that he was destined for a major accident that time and since he was inside the temple he got a minor incident only. He added that the atheist friend could have got a fortune then and due to not worshiping God he got only a small token amount.

    ( story from Vidya C Raja Gopalan )

    Source: Web Search

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights