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    Pranava or the letter OM is the primeordial sound considered as the Supreme Reality or the Absolute Brahman.

    The Vedas and the Upanishads speak eloquently of its importance and the great significance of the symbol. For any mantra

    OM should be pronounced first. .Narayananopanishad points out that it should occupy the first place and then only the word Namo!

    The word Narayana is placed next in the 'Ashtakshari mantra--'Om Namo Narayanaya'.

    " Omithyagre vyahareth nama iti paschath"

    Again the Veda says " Omityekakaksharam Brahma"

    The single letter ' OM ' is Brahma itself..

    The same Upanishad proclaims "prathyaganandam brahmapurusham pranava swarupam" Pranava is a mantra, a combination of the three letters A U M. It is actually Prana or Life and the form of 'Brahmananda' the Bliss of the Absolute Brahman.

    Sikshavalli of Taittiriya Upanishad again declares ' Omiti Brahma omitidigam sarvam.'

    The sound of OM is verily Brahman.

    Whatever is perceptible and imaginable is filled with the sound of pranava.

    Om is pronounced while offering ' havis' into sacrificial fire.and singing Sama Veda and invoking the mantras for shastras or weapons.

    Pranava signifies many things of which we are not aware of.

    The three letters indicate three mantras as well as Nada, Bindu and Kala.

    It represents creation, protection and destruction.

    Every letter of Pranava stands for many things in existence.

    Letter A stands for yellow color. Among the Gunas it is Rajo Guna. It represents the physical body, Rig Veda also. It signifies Nada or sound Brahma and the wakeful state or Jagradavasta.

    ; Letter U represents white color. Among the Gunas it is Satwa Guna. It stands for the subtle Body or Sukshma Sareera.It also represents the Yajurveda.and the Bindu It stands for Lord Vishnu.

    ; Letter M indicates Black Color. Among the Gunas it is Thamas It represents the Causal Body or Karana Sareera. It stands for Sama veda, Kala,,Maheswara, and the state of Deep Sleep.or Sushupti also. In this state the yogi realizes the Absolute Brahman in himself!

    Omkara as a whole represents the pure and unalloyed Satwa Guna.

    It represents the great Causal Body and Adharvana Veda. It acts as the witness of everything.-- ' sarva sakshi ' This is also called ' ardha matruka. ' Pranava' transcends manas,speech and the state of Thuriya.

    Source: ykjanaki.blogspot

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights