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    Why do we performRadha Kalyanam, not Rukmani Kalyanam?

    or SathyabamaKalyanam

    When we think of Sri.Krishna, Radha's name only comes to mind, not Rukmani or Sathyabama

    Radha/Krishna that is the way we think.
    Names are also christened as Radha Krishnan, not Rukumani Krishnan or Sathyabama Krishnan.
    The name of Radha is always associated with Sri.Krishna more than Rukmani.

    Radha represents human soul yearning for divine understanding.

    Radha -
    Krishna represents eternity love of atman and parmatman.

    The binding of this tatva is churning in this marriage. Whereas Rukmini or anyof the other wives of Sri Krishna cannot be taken as an example for this. Their bhakti is not equivalent to even the bhakti of a single gopika. hope you knew the "Padhathulika and
    Krishna 'sheadache" story. Radha is not a mere a gopika or a girl. She is the supreme most power in goloka (situated above sathyaloka). She is even powerful than Sri Krishna. She is one among the "Prakruthi devi". She is the creator, destroyer and protector by herself. Nowhere the details of Rukmini or Sathyabama have been provided like this extent in puranas. To perform this kind of marriage, we need songs (bhajans) related to it. Since there are no such songs related to other wives, it is clear about the opinion of our gurus. Even Rukmini kalayanam can also be performed, but we need Bhajans for that.

    But still nothing can be equivalent to Radha kalyanam.

    There are very many stories connected to Radha Kalyanam
    (Bhagavatham) and Radhikopanishad and Narayaneeyam are the only the authentic source about Radha.

    According to the authentic sources Radha was the daughter of Gopanna Maharajand a cousin of Sri Krishna. She of the same age of Sri Krishna and never married anyone else except the Gandharva marriage to

    There is another belief that Radha pined for Sri Krishna when he left vrindhavan and her dreams of her love towards Sri Krishna is un-fulfilled hence the reason why we conduct "radha-kalyanam" to quench the thirst of Radha's longing towards Sri Krishna.

    Radha is the reverse of Dhara, which is a flow implying all our outward, outworldly desires. Radha is the reverse flow into the heart, seeking and finding Sri Krishna in our hearts.

    Radha symbolizes the energy of devotion. So, RadhaKalyanam is more significant when we do a Thirukalyanam as a method to merge ourselves with God.

    "Since Radha did not marry him we as bhakthas of Sri Krishna are doing it."

    The hidden meaning in this is she garlanded him with her bhathi and made Sri Krishna as herself. Once Radha asked Sri Krishna to marry her, Sri Krishna did not reply so she turned to shout. But was surprised to see that Sri Krishna turned to be Radha. Sri Krishna asked ‘Can you marry yourself’?

    This incidence says that she is beyond bhakthi and no relationship can bind them. RADHA WON

    My sources

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights