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    ” Venkatdhri samam sthanam brahmande nasthi kinchana
    Venkatesa samo devo na bhuto na bhavishyathi “

    ” There is no Shrine equal to Venkatdhri and there is no God on par with Lord Venkateshwara “

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    The Lord of Tirumalai – Sri Venkatachalapathy is like a magnet drawing people to His temple on this Sacred Hill. Every day thousands of devotees flock to His shrine in greatest reverence and love for Him. Tirumala hill is believed to be Kridadri [Or Kridachala] as Sacred as Vaikuntham itself. Lord SrI VenkatEshwara Swamy is the presiding deity of Tirumala (Thiruvenkatam), which is also revered as Saptha giri or Seven Hills.

    The extraordinary and ancient glory of these hills is attributed to the residence of Sriman Narayana on them as Sri Venkatachalapathy. The seven hills associated with Him are Seshadri, Garudadri, Venkatadri, Anjanadri, Narayanadri, Vrushabhadri and Vrushadri. These hills have achieved their sanctity as a direct result of the imprint of Lord Srinivasa’s holy feet on them.

    On top of these hills, the Lord known also as Balaji resides under the vimaanam known as Ananda Nilayam or the abode of bliss. Here, He accepts worship according to Vaikhanasa agama tradition.