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    Dear Asthiks,
    I wish to write about Karthigai-The month for Moon–
    the eighth month as per our panchagam following surya sancharam-(tamil version).
    All the pooja vratam in Dakshnayana kalam –are followed as per chandraayanam masam , for example chaturmasyam, avani avvitam expect this Karthigai.
    NOW, I want focus about certain important aspects :deepam should be lighted on all days of the month during evenings at our1) home,2) near source of water ie., well or river/temple tank3)nea COwshed 4)tulisi 5)Mutt 6) Temple of worship.
    Then first cusp of moon–Chandradarashnam(about 540pm)should be greeted in house yards , now of course in our terrace by putting rangoli, lamp,tamboolam milk,fruit,after harathi it has to bedistributed with our near and dear .
    Karthigai-festival is combines fasting till evening.chandra graham- attains neecha sthana in vrishika, hence it is performed as niverthi.
    In olden days agricultural workers were served food by their land lords ,as they should not suffer- fasting festivals like Karthigai, Gokulastami even Ekadasi a small difference was maintained for ex., Bharani deepam, karthigai, Rohini- for vaishnavas.
    The Offering for deity on this day is ground nut ,pori, avaul,sweet balls- the inner meaning -is due heavy dampness and submerging ofpaddycrop which Cannot be used as seeds(REBIRTH) are roasted,and wet pressed to get this prasadhams,so also so, the prayer is to seek vimochana from rebirth andl iight lamp as atma samparnam.
    The common aspect is vana bhojanam – It is belived lord Krishna along with cows and gopikas involved In vana bhojanam with great joy.
    Lord Indra saw this joyful aspect- stunned and he applied GHO-duli- So that he can have joy of nara.
    Taking holybath
    in tirthams, Rivers, givings dhanam near this rivers, cow feeding (for cow feeding one need not take bath also)will relieve us from evil or Doshas.
    AS PER CHAANRAMAYANAM-the month begins on diwali ammavasa.
    The other variation other than said above are –Sukla astami- skherabi dwadasi. Sukla astami- Gho- suktha will be recitated several times by eight vaiddkas representing Ashta vasus at places where chaturmasya vratha is located.,
    PANCHAKAVYA PROSHSHANAM on this day Willweed out sorrows and evils ,debts, overcoming business rivals.Chaturmasya ends on dwadasi and Yethi- along with their followers leave that place after parranam.
    In the evening, thulasi with amla nelli Branch tied together is perforemed pooja by Gruasthas,on karthika poornima day the followers of this panchagam will perform – sri satyanarayana pooja/vratha and Deepampooja.
    - presented by – Sridharan email:
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