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Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings -8

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  • Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings -8

    (8) श्रीधरं प्रिय संगमे, Sreedharam priya sangame
    - And think of Sreedhara when in the company of your spouse.

    श्रीद: श्रीश: श्रीनिवास: श्रीनिधि: श्रीविभावन:|
    श्रीधर: श्रीकर: श्रेय: श्रीमाँल्लोकत्रयाश्रय:|| - श्री विष्णु सहस्रनामस्तोत्र
    "Sreedhah Sreeshah Sreenivasah Sreenidhih Sreevibhaavanaha
    Sreedharah Sreekarah Sreya Sreemaan Lokatrayaashrayaha." - Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra

    The above verse from the Vishnu Sahasranama glorifies the connection of Sri (Lakshmi) with Maha Vishnu. He is praised as the lord of Sri (Sreesha), the abode of Sree (Sreenivasa) and the bearer of Sree (Sreedhara). Also He is said to possess as his wealth Sree herself (Sreenidhi) and He also owes all His glory to Sree (Sreevibhavana). Such is the relationship between Vishnu and Lakshmi. Sri Bhattar very beautifully gives the Vyaakhyaanam (meaning) of Sridhara as "रत्नमिव अर्चिशं, पुश्पमिव सूरभीं, इन्दुमिव चंदिर्कां, अमृतामिव स्वादूतां, औत्पत्तिकेन सम्बन्धेन श्रीयं धरती इति श्रीधर: - Ratnamiva Archisham, Pushpamiva Surabhim, Indumiva Chandirkaam, Amruthamiva Svaadootaam, Autpattikena sambandhena Sreeyam dharathi iti Sreedharah" Just as the gem bears its luster, the flower bears its fragrance, the moon bears its shine and the nectar bears its sweetness, so is Sree borne by Vishnu and hence He is Sreedhara. In the Ayodha Kanda of the Ramayana it is said "न ही हातुमियंसकत्या कीर्तिरात्मवतो यता,- Na hi Haatumiyam saktyaa keerthiraatmavato yathaa", i.e. It is not possible for Raama to abandon Sita even as the fame of a virtuous man cannot be abandoned by him. The Lord always bears Lakshmi and to see them separate is beyond impossible.

    The Bearer of Lakshmi

    It is obvious why we have to think of Sreedhara when we are in the presence of our spouse or a loved one. We look towards the divine couple and seek blessings, strength and the will to be as pure, divine and useful to the world as they are. By upholding Dharma in one's married life, you make your house suitable for Vishnu's residence and hence by default, Lakshmi's too. This way, you ask the couple to bless you with the ability to stick to the path of Dharma and hence ensure the presence of prosperity too (the permamnent blessings of all the Ashta Lakshmis). The naama is also a remainder to the men to always take care of their loving counterparts just like Vishnu bears Maha Lakshmi on his vey bosom.