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Navadha Bhakti – The Nine Ways of Connecting with God

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  • Navadha Bhakti – The Nine Ways of Connecting with God

    Bhakti is the foundation of all spiritual practice. It is both a means and an end in itself. What is the nature of Bhakti? The Narada Bhakti Sutras say: ‘It is of the nature of supreme love towards God’ (2nd Sutra). How does this love towards the divine manifest itself? The Srimad Bhagavatam (7.5.23), delineates the nine ways (Navadha Bhakti) in which we can lovingly connect with God:

    1). Hearing about God (Shravana)
    2). Chanting His Name and Glory (Kirtana)
    3). Remembering Him (Smarana)
    4). Serving His Lotus Feet (Pada Sevana)
    5). Worshipping Him as per the Scriptures (Archana)
    6). Prostrating before Him (Vandana)
    7). Being His Servant (Dasya)
    8). Befriending Him (Sakhya)
    9). Offering Oneself to Him (Atma Nivedana)

    These are the nine ways in which we can relate to God. We are free to select the particular connection with God which suits our personal temperament.Did Arjuna not have Pada Sevana, Smarana etc? Of course he did. For us this means that once we have imbibed even one of these virtues properly, all others will follow suit, and the person becomes a Shuddha Bhakta, one whose each and every action can be deemed as Bhakti.

    Source: Nitin kumar