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Nadu Nadu Divyadesam route map

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  • Nadu Nadu Divyadesam route map

    badri7758: Please let me know how many days it will take to visit NADU NADU divyadesams by car/bus with details

    It will take only one day to visit Nadu Nadu Divyadesams only Two.
    1. Thiruvahindrapuram (Thiruvendipuram) near Cuddalore 200 KM from Chennai.
    2. Thirukkovilur is the other DD which is about 100 KM from there.
    So you can complete both DDs in one day one in the morning session and another in the after noon session.
    I don't know from where you have to come.
    You can stay at chennai and start by 5 to 6 am by taking a car, you can reach the 1 DD by 9 am. After finishing lunch at cuddalore you can reach DD2 Thirukovilur by 4 pm. And after dharshan if you start by 6 pm you can reach chennai by 10 pm

    Even you can visit this divyadesam by Bus also.
    You can catch a bus to either Pondichery or Cuddalore which is available at that time.
    Thiruvendipuram is about 30 KM from Pondichery and only 6 KM from cuddalore
    So you can take a taxi or auto or even use the Town bus frequently available to go to Thiruvendipuram from Cuddalore or Pondicheri.

    The next DD is only about 65 KM from Thiruvendipuram see the below route maps.

    Thiruvendipuram Route Map from Pondichery.

    Thiruvendipuram to Thirukkovilur Route Map

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