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Ther at Thiruppullani (Rathothsavam)

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  • Ther at Thiruppullani (Rathothsavam)

    adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.
    The Car festival started at Thiruppullani by 10 AM with Sri mahendran, Diwan, Ramanathapuram Samasthanam pulling the Vadam. As in the last yrar, this year also Perumal reached the Thiru Ther nilai sharply by 11 AM. I have attached few photos
    Perumal and Pirattimar on Thiruther

    And here is a small video of the last minute enjoyment

    A small description of this last minute excitement is available at

    There is an other side . You might have noticed in one of the above photos, a side decorative panel of the Ther is ripped open. It is due to the tall neem trees being grown all along the four car streets. In olden days --- even just before 15 years--- there were no trees at all in these streets. Elders knew pretty well that it will be a hindrance to the Ther and hence they grew trees only in the backyards. But the local panchayath board decided to grow trees despite some objections. Majority of the villagers also welcomed that as the trees will feed their cattles. The result is every year the Ther panel, some times the dolls in the ther are damaged necessitating repairing at considerable cost. And every year some of the branches of the trees are also chopped off to prevent trees hitting the ther but in vain. All the decorative panels were replaced at a cost of nearly 1.5 lakhs just last year. Again the temple has to seek for some donor to get them repaired. But still the local panchayath is not ready for considering removing the trees on the plea that they provide shelter all through the year.
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    T. Raguveeradayal

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