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  • Brahmotsavam @ Kanchipuram Perumal Kovil

    Dear All,

    As the special month of Vaikasi is ongoing so it time for the glorious Brahmotsavam of our Perarulalan in Kanchipuram.

    Like the previous time I would share with you all the events that would be enjoyed by thousands of fortunate baktha's in Kanchipuram. As before I am physically not present to witness this year also, one consolation is that I am getting a step closer to our temple town.

    The following is the schedule of the Utsavam this year.

    31-May Thanga Chapparam & Simha Vahanam
    01-Jun Hamsa Vahanam & Surya Prabhai
    02-Jun Garuda Sevai & Hanumantha Vahanam
    03-Jun Sesha Vahanam & Chandra Prabhai
    04-Jun Nachiyar Thirukolam & Yali Vahanam
    05-Jun Thanga Chapparam & Yanai Vahanam
    06-Jun Thiruther
    07-Jun Totti Thirumanjanam & Guthirai Vahanam
    08-Jun Alla mel Pallakku, Theertha vari & Punyakoti Vimanam
    09-Jun Vettiver Chapparam

    On the first day (30 May) Thirumanjanam would be performed to all the utsavars and Moolavar (Perumal). In the evening Senai mudhanmaiyar (Commander-in-chief of our Lord) would inspect the route of our Lord's procession during the utsavam. For his inspection he would travel in Siriya Punyakoti vimanam, he would go up to Gangai Kondaan Mandapam and return back to kovil. During his inspection, the Divya prabhadam ghosti would start reciting Thirupallandu. Iraamaanusa noorandhadhi is recited in Kachi thiruveedhi.Sevakalam is concluded with Vazhi thirunaman once he returns back to kovil.

    During this time of Senai mudhanmaiyar purappadu, in the sanctum sanctorum raksha bhandanam is done for Perumal (Moolvar &Utsavar), Ubhaya nachimaars, Prenaarthiharar (nithya thirumanjan perumal), Selvar, Kannan along with the officiating Archakar.

    With this all preliminary works are complete and our Perarulalan is all set to enjoy the utsavam starting tomorrow.

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    Re: Brahmotsavam @ Kanchipuram Perumal Kovil

    Dear Kausik,
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      Re: Brahmotsavam @ Kanchipuram Perumal Kovil

      Has some one got a recorded video or snaps of the same.