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    PART 6.

    Ok! Why did Pillaiyar decide that Vigrahams should not leave Bharatha Dhesam? Is it correct? Justifiable?

    If we want to water a tree, will we pour it on the leaves, flowers or fruits? No, we will pour the water in the roots, is it not? The water poured in the roots go to the leaves and flowers and fruits, correct? Like wise, for the big tree called the ‘World’, our Bharatha Dhesam happens to be the root. If we sprinkle water on the leaves or flowers, they will become brighter, but the leaves and flowers will get the sap only if we pour water in the roots. In the same way, if poojas are performed in other countries, there will be some effect (palan) but only if we do them here in Bharatha Dhesam, those countries also will get the benefits.

    Bagavan in His creation has made different things available in different places, e.g good climate only in some places, good flora and fauna in some other places, gold silver and other minerals in yet other places. Some countries are bitterly cold and some others very hot; some places do not have any greens or mineral wealth or water. Fertile countries export their items to other places which are not fertile; That way for all things Divine, Bharatha Dhesam is the Power house. Like the whole town is lighted from a single source, this country gives Divinity to all other places. In our body, He has made the heart to supply blood to all parts of the body. Like wise He has made this country the heart for the whole world, to supply all things Divine, Dharma, Athma Shakthi, and Jeeva Shakthi.

    This does not mean that prayers and poojas are not necessary in other countries. Like we apply medicine to individual parts of the body to protect them, just as we spray pesticides on the leaves and other parts of a plant to protect them from pests, poojas and prayers must be performed in those countries also to protect their divinity. Just as any part of the body is cured only through the blood supplied from the heart, poojas , prayers and yagnas performed here will only give benefit to other countries

    Manthra Shakthi gives full benefit only in this Bharatha Dhesam, called the ‘Karma Bhoomi’ In such a ‘Karma Bhoomi’ only, Athma Lingam or Rangaraja Vigraham must stay. Then only all other places including Lanka will get the benefits. That is why Vigneshwara acted out all the drama as described in the story, and ensured that they did not go out of the country.

    Thus, the Rangaraja Vigraham which He installed in the midst of Ubaya Kaveri became the number one temple among all Vaishnava temples and also the connecting link between all Siva---Vishnu temples.


    Source for all parts:anusham163