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A very sad and shocking news...

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  • A very sad and shocking news...

    SrimathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya nama:<var id="yiv267212656yui-ie-cursor"></var>

    Dearest all,

    A very sad and shocking news... <var id="yiv267212656yui-ie-cursor"></var>

    Just heard from Chennai and Srirangam that asmadhacharyan His Holiness Srimad

    Paravakkottai Andavan Sri Gopaladesika Mahadesikan Swami attained Paramapadham.

    adiyEn had the bhAgyam of sevicchufying Swami last wednesday evening during the recent visit.

    Swami was quite abled, though was quite tired visibly. When asked, Srimad Andavan replied:
    Asakthidhaan vayasaanadhaal. maRRapadi oru ubaathaiyum illai..
    (Just feeling tired and exhausted due to old age; no other diseases)

    When leaving- adiyEn mentioned to Swami: I would come to Srirangam on March 28 for next Panguni Rohini for
    Swami's Thirunkashthram. Swami smiled and said: Paarkkalaam (Let us see). I didn't know the inner meaning of
    that response on that day. It appears Swami had fever yesterday and was okay in the evening. Today morning
    was on drips and oxygen- as mentioned by my father. He left for his permanent abode - Srivaikuntam at 10 30 am
    local time.
    Swami's 91st Thirunaksthram celebrations were held in a grand manner in Srirangam last April 8, 2011.

    We have been orphaned.

    Srimad Andavan Sri Gopaladesika Maha Deshikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
    namo narayana

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