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Karadaiyan Nonbu Time for 14-03-2015

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  • Karadaiyan Nonbu Time for 14-03-2015

    This Jaya Year - Panguni Masam is taking birth at 4.24 am of 15th March.
    So, the Karadaiyan Nonbu time is little confusing to all.
    In Sri Paranthaman Panchangam we recommended the time for Nonbu as 4.00 am 5.00 am
    This is the instructions given in Sri Ranganatha Paduka aslo as 4.00 am to 4.45 am
    But, in Srirangam Panchangam it is given as : 14th March 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

    Do not get confused, there is no harm by doing the nonbu in either of the time,
    because nonbu is only a Sampradaya (traditional) ritual and not prescribed by shastra.
    And, here tow things have to be considered for pros and cons:
    1. If done on 14th night, ladies should have to fast till that time which is very difficult for many due to health problems.
    But, the time is too early to do the karma and the masapirappu time will go in sleeping which is not so good.
    2. If done on 15th Morning, it is too early to wake up and prepare the "kozhakattais" and do the nonbu in the given time.
    It will be very difficult for many who habituated to go to bed late and waking up late in the morning. And, again the whole day
    after nonbu also will be trouble to keep fasting without taking any normal food.
    So, please deiced accordingly.
    click here to see the below article posted by me in wordpress today:

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