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Srarda Mantram and procedure for - Yajurveda - abasthaba sutram - Smartha

  1. gowriputran
    Dear Sir,

    I have lost my mother in Jan 2007 and have performed all vaideega Karmas sinecerly during the first one year ( had Mathru Deeksha and avoided Para Annam etc as advised by Vadhyar) and doing the srardam regularly every year. But on the day of srardam, I am sure atleast half or more percentage of the mantrams I am repeating ( after said by Sastrigal) is incorrect. I want to avoid this. Hence I request if any one can upload the procedure and mantras in this site I can get a chance to read them and perform the Srardam well.

    Also I would like know from your end a clarification.

    I am In Nigeria since 1997. As I have crossed the sea is there any prayaschitam to be performed before doing the Srardam. Presently on my own either I go to Haridwar after coming from Nigeria ( Before the Srardam and have a dip in Ganges or go to Kaveri and have a dip.

    Thanks in Advance

    With Best regards

    S. Sankara Narayanan
  2. bmbcAdmin
    I try to upload the mantrams asap.

    I could not say the prAyaschittam, because there is no prAyaschittam given for this specific reason,
    so, you contact your family vdhyar to know about the prayaschittam every time.
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