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Is it necessary that every Brahmin should perform Sashtiabdapoorthy?

  1. bmbcAdmin
    Namaskaram. Is it necessary that every Brahmin should perform Sashtiabdapoorthy, Bheema Ratha Santhi and Sathabishekam on completion of 60, 69 and 80 years respectively? Some say that these are only for or own self satisfaction, while some say that these are santhi kriyas, to be performed for getting rid of evil effects of the sins so far committed in our life. Which is true? Is there any authentic version in the Sastras on these topics? What is the name of the book in which these subjects are explained?

    You have given the answer with your question.
    Sastra is particular about Anma and not about Sareeram.
    Karmas are of two types one : Duties ordered by sastras which is compulsory to avoid from doshams.
    Other: Karmas done for the Sareera kshemam, family kshemam etc. like Navagraha homam, Ganapathy homam, Sudarsana homam etc.
    Elders are found mostly everybody getting health problem in certain age and they found a way to manages those problems by doing such karmas Shastiabda poorthi, Bheema ratha santhi etc. It came in practice in all family and it is now celebrated as a social function.
    What I suggest, we are doing lot of things against sastra, as it is not against sastra and as it is a very good cultural and religious function,
    it is better to do it happily if it is possible.
    If anybody have some special reason to skip this function, they can simplify the procedures or totally can skip it, no issues.
  2. soundararajan50
    Swamin the last line gives some peace for me since due to some unhappy feelings I've skipped but then I had been to temple performed an abishekam and distributed prasadams due to compulsion of my son for my shastiabthapoorthy
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