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  1. Re: Doubt in calculating horoscope in Thirukkanidham & Pasmbu Panjangam

    Hi, Take the calcualtion of panchange of your choice and then make all calculations. Vakya panchanga calculations are based on some fixed norms and the kanida panchanga is fixed on certain norms.
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    Re: Vakkya horoscope software

    Hi, There is a safe site, which will give you the exact of vakya panchangam in Rasi. I do not know about Navamsa perfection, as it may differ from, due to calculation method.
    The link is ...
  3. Re: பஞ்சாங்கம் - சில தகவல்கள்

    Hi, Could i expect your reply on what actually is the difference between drik and vakya panchangam. Is it ayanamsa or the base year and progression of planetery position each year.
  4. The relevance of vakya panchangam in modern times

    It is a known fact that there exist two panchangas, drik and vakya.
    Traditional one is vakya panchanga and is widely used in southern india.
    May be there...
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