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    Sanskrit marriage Invitation

    Dear Vipra bandhus,
    Please help me. My daughter's marriage fixed. I want to print the invitation in Sanskrit. Either Admin or other members of the
    forum please help for this purpose. If you are...
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    Re: South Karnataka Temple Tour

    Please give contact nos. if any to have the trip to karnata or give me the name of website which i can contact the KSRTC people. thank you. Rajaganapathy Sarma
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    Re: need Druva Suktam pdf

    Mr.Sridharan of Nanganallur is doing a very good service of printing a lot in the subject of veda sookthani. In his book Veda Manthra Malai You can get a lot of sookthams. It is available in "Giri...
  4. Re: புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்தும் NVSக்கு பாராட்டும்!

    Praying God that the Service of this website continue and help the Vipra bhandus always. Rajaganapathy Sarma
  5. Re: லக்னம் அமைப்பது எப்படி

    Fine and we are not having that much knowledge to carry on that. Any how Thank you a lot
  6. Re: தத்வ மஞ்சரி-03 - அத்வைத ஸித்தாந்தம்

    Nice and expecting a lot from you. Rajaganapathy Sarma
  7. Re: Restricted download to make money?!

    WE conducted Maha Rudram at Nanganallur, We already posted that news in this website. It happened on 26-2-2012. to views the photos please click the link and enjoy. Rajaganapathy Sarma....

  9. Re: பேப்பர் கப் ஒழிக

    If anybody knows about the wax included in noodles, please write in this blog in details to know about the seriousness of this item which is very much using the young people.
  10. Re: பிராமண சமூகத்தினரை பாதிக்கின்ற இன்னொரĬ

    Thank you, now you taken up a very good point elaborately and suggest something. WE may pray God for the change in the minds of parents and youths. We can tell a lot but they have to change. That's...
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    Re: Pongal Paanai Timings

    As per the Vaidikasri, the time of pongal panai is from 8.40 to 9.30 a.m. Rajaganapaty sarma
  12. Re: Understand your blood test report

    Very good information. In some tests, we cannot understand what they wrote. Some doctors having link with the labs, they simply indicate in abbriviations. Though we are not educated to understand...
  13. Re: மின்சார சிக்கனம்-எளிய வழிகள்

    Fine and if it is possible to you, you may give the items which consumes the power, item wise. thank you. Rajaganapathy Sarma
  14. Re: Newyear Wishes with Shanthi Mantra

    Can we except this type of Mantras from you Mahadoya. Rajaganapathy sarma
  15. Re: Newyear Wishes with Shanthi Mantra

    Very good, in daily pooja I insisted my vidyaarthis to chant this mantra. We are chanting this mantra in each and every pooja and after the nithya veda parayana, at Kubera Ganapathy Temple at Civil...
  16. Re: ஸமஸ்க்ருத வார்த்தைகளுக்கான தமிழ் அர்தĮ

    Very nice. More and more items we are expecting, if it is in pdf document, it will be useful for us to take a copy with us. please consider. Rajaganapathy Sarma
  17. Another method for deepavali lehiyam - Late but latest with super content

    [hdspan]Another method for deepavali lehiyam - super content[/hdsapn]
  18. Sticky: Re: Prasava Lehyam-As prepared in olden days by our elders

    I sent an e mail to admin, with that i attached some pdf information regarding preparation of Deepavali lehiyam in different ways. please publish in this fourm. Rajaganapathy sarma
  19. Re: ஸமஸ்க்ருத வார்த்தைகளுக்கான தமிழ் அர்தĮ

    Very informative. You can give some space for the sankrit word and tamil meaning. You are all writting in Tamil Fonts. But I cannot. What is the reason. If there is some solution, please intimate...
  20. Conducting Maha Rudram at Nanganallur.We are going to conduct

    Dear Brahmana Bandhu,

    we are going to conduct "MAHA RUDRAM' on 26th February 2012. We already conducted Maha Rudram twice in the year of 2010 and 2011 successfully. We expect some help...
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    With that you can include the hanging of Afzal Guru also
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    Member Introduction

    I am living in Nanganallur, and i am working as Senior Accountant in Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax). My forefathers lived in Orathanadu, We came out from that and I studied in Villupuram...
  23. Sticky: I saw the list of items for preparation for...

    I saw the list of items for preparation for Prasava/Deepavali lehiyam with my father's old notebook. But i don't know how to prepare the lehiyam. i am giving the words in English, you may write these...
  24. fine and excellant, i need more pictures like...

    fine and excellant, i need more pictures like this of all gods. Rajaganapathy sarma
  25. As per your Version, the change is happening in...

    As per your Version, the change is happening in the minds of young people. It is appreciable. But the change should be with the elderly persons those who are in the place of teaching, advising, and...
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