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Daasasya Vigyaapanam.

Srartham of my friend's father falls tomorrow. His mother is alive and has one more brother who is also married.

They have been doing srartham together at one place.

From Yesterday, my friend's wife is out of house on 3 days monthly theetu.

One Swami is telling srartham can be performed without having 'Oupaasanaagni' as the same has to be done with
wife - and with loukika agni the srartham has to be performed tomorrow only as per thithi

Another swami is telling, so far the srartham had been done with wife and hence, when wife could not participate
it has to be performed in the next thithi only .

Kindlly clarify :

whether the srartham (paarvana homam) has to be performed only tomorrow with agni created by the kartha
whether agni can be brought by his brother's wife .... whether it would be correct
If brother's wife also cannot participate, using 'loukika agni' whether srartha homam can be performed
Whether postponement of srartham is correct as was suggested by another swami

Sorry for the trouble given ... Kindly clarify ..

Daasoham ... Danyosmi