Dasakam: 006 -- Shlokam: 02

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जङ्घे तलातलमथो सुतलं च जानू
किञ्चोरुभागयुगलं वितलातले द्वे ।
क्षोणीतलं जघनमम्बरमङ्ग नाभि-
र्वक्षश्च शक्रनिलयस्तव चक्रपाणे ॥२॥

Oh Lord Chakrapani ! The shanks became Talatala.The knees became Sutala.The Lord's thighs became Vitala and Atala.The earth came from the Lord's hip.His navel became the sky.His chest became Swarga, the Suvar loka. which is the abode of Indra.