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In this Part-2, we will see about 5 other types /ways of giving.
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Once we decide to give away a particular article,its value or magnificense should not bother us, and we should give it wholeheartedly having scant regard to the item's worth. Parting with possession with reluctance does not qualify as charity.This mantra is also interpreted differently,"ashraddhaya dheyam""-do not give without SHRADDHAA-or sincerity and good intention.


In a miser,the very thought of charity would induce sorrow,dismay and distress. One should give with a benign disposition,with a smile on one's face, with happiness induced by the opportunity to be of use to a fellow human being.


Keeping in mind the conduct of the philonthopists of the past,the inadeqyacy of one's own aid and the greatness of receiver,one should be ashamed of one's attempts at charity. This is prescribed so that one doesnot tend to think too much of oneself for the act of kindness.


If the act of charity is not done in the prescribed fashion,and is contaminated by insincerity,pride or highhandedness,then it is likely to prove counterproductive. A healthy appreciation of counter-productivity due to incorrect attitude or procedure,should characterIze an act of charity,so that the giver would be always on guard against attitudes incompatible with giving. Hence the Upanishad says, "Give with fear"!

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The act of giving should be preceded by a resolution to give. Such resolution makes the mind determined in the act,and prevents last minute reversal of attitude due to attachment to the article proposed to be given away. And once wwe resolve to give it, it should be implemented immediately,for the mind is fickle. And given the and chance to think logically,we would probably come to the conclusion that the amount proposed to be donated is too high or the cause unworthy. So, once we decide to give,we must give immediately.

A shining example in this regard will be seen in my next post.It is a great story and welll known one.

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