Dasakam: 006 -- Shlokam: 07

पृष्ठं त्वधर्म इह देव मन: सुधांशु - रव्यक्तमेव हृदयंबुजमम्बुजाक्ष । कुक्षि: समुद्रनिवहा वसनं तु सन्ध्ये शेफ: प्रजापतिरसौ वृषणौ च मित्र: ॥७॥

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Oh Lotus-eyed Lord ! The lord's back became adharma, his mind became the Moon and the abdomen became ocean. Thy garments are the two twilights; Thy private parts are the GodBrahma and Thy scrotum is the God Mitra.