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Dasakam: 007 -- Shlokam: 02

सोऽयं विश्वविसर्गदत्तहृदय: सम्पश्यमान: स्वयं
बोधं खल्वनवाप्य विश्वविषयं चिन्ताकुलस्तस्थिवान् ।
तावत्त्वं जगतां पते तप तपेत्येवं हि वैहायसीं
वाणीमेनमशिश्रव: श्रुतिसुखां कुर्वंस्तप:प्रेरणाम् ॥२॥

O Lord !This Brahma who was infused by the desire for manifold creation, contemplated deeply about it but remained confused as he lacked the necessary knowledge for it. Thou,unseen by him, urged him to do penance by whispering sweetly in his ear O Lord! willed by Thee, Brahma heard two pleasant words 'Tapa,Tapa' coming from nowhere, which prompted him to do penance